We don’t fly often enough to really be considered “frequent fliers” (or is it flyers?), but when we do fly, our trips are long enough to rack up quite a bit of miles.

One of the airlines that isn’t in any kind of partnership with the programs we are already members of is Middle East Airlines, which is based here in Beirut, so I decided to sign up for their miles program.  We may never earn enough miles to get anything for free, but I thought I might as well try.

This cracked me up.  When you put in your info, it asks for your title.  So, Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.

Then it asks for your civil title.  And this is required information.  You can’t join without it.  Some of my favorites:






Her Highness

Her Royal Highness (what do you suppose the difference is?)

Lady President


My Lord (in case Lord isn’t specific enough, I guess)



The Honorable Mrs

The Sirdar (what’s a sirdar?)


Woman Doctor

It was so tempting to choose one of the more exciting civil titles, but thankfully they had the oh so boring Mrs. which I already filled in as my title.  So now I am Mrs. Mrs. Nicolette H…

And, hey, anyone know what a Herr Dipl-ing is?  Do I want to be one???


10 thoughts on “HERR DIPL-ING

  1. Haha – That’s too funny! I don’t know if I will ever be able to fly if I have to choose one of those..I may be WAY too tempted to pick something that I am not..lol!

    My german is awful..despite studying it for a year…but I would assume that the translation of Herr to english is still simply ‘Mr.’ I’m going to go ahead an assume that the rest is translated to dumpling. Simply because it’s close..haha..so therfore…Mr. Dumpling. I think you DEFINITELY want to be that. Yup.

    Okay. So my curiousity got the better for me and I googled Dipl. Ing – a google search seems to tell me that it’s either a position in a company or some fancy university degree – something REAL flashy…not quite as cool as Mr. Dumpling..so I’m gonna let you decide which one you wanna take as the truth ;)

  2. So, a Sirdar is apparently a person in a high position, like a chief, or something of the sort. Stumbled across your blog last night and have really enjoyed the read – many of your experiences seem to be similar to ours here in Madagascar … Will keep on reading …

  3. came across your blog via mckmama. im fascinated by your adventures! i was born in singapore and spent summers growing up in malaysia, so i can appreciate seeing others travel the world. =)
    thanks for sharing…

  4. So there have actually only been 3 or 4 sirdars ever… I think they were British army commanders occupied in Egypt. I’m pretty sure it ended in the early 20th century… like in the teens… like at a time when there were no commercial jet liners, or mileage programs… interesting.

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