But I’m not tired, Mom!

We’re in transition mode right now – from two naps to one, and Isla is definitely fighting it.  :)  She’s a good little sleeper once she’s down, but is also known to play and sing in her bed for quite a while before she conks out.  I find her like this often… I’m convinced she tries to stay standing to fight off the nap and then just collapses in a heap of sleep!


One thought on “But I’m not tired, Mom!

  1. Awww..haha! Too cute! My cousins little guy seems to spin himself around in the crib lately too..I don’t know what it is..but lying SIDEWAYS in the crib is SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN – or so it seems, when you go to check on him and he’s flipped himself right around..haha!

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