Can you keep a secret?

… our girls sure can’t!

Today was one of the house moms, Pascale’s, birthday.  While the girls were studying, she was out running some errands, so Mona pulled out a card for them to sign and they all got busy choosing gifts and wrapping them up.  The plan was to surprise her with a cake later in the afternoon.

As soon as she got back, the girls started yelling, “SHH!  MISS PASCALE IS HERE!” and when she came into the room, one of the girls told her, “We are getting ready for a birthday surprise – but not for you!”  So much for that surprise.

A few years ago, the mistake was made of telling the girls the day before a surprise birthday.  When Miss Maria arrived in the van to pick the girls up from school on her birthday, one of them shouted out, “there is something so delicious at home, but I’m not going to tell you what is on top of it!”

What can I say.  Those girls loooove birthdays!


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