Isla in January

Isla is currently obsessed with body parts.  She is constantly pointing to different places on her body and asking, “dat?”  She doesn’t read her books anymore.  After she finds all the dogs and cats in any given story, she starts pointing out all the eyes, noses and mouths… which are actually three of her new words this month.

It seems like over the past month, she has become quite the chatterbox.  She’s never been a big babbler, but she is constantly “talking” these days.  She’s picked up quite a few new words as well: eyes, nose, mouth, neck, up, out, amal (one of the girls), no dad, and…….. mama!  (Although, when she says mom, half the time she is pointing to herself… I don’t care, I’ll take it!)  So add those to her repertoire of bites, ball, bye-bye and daddy, and she has quite the handful of words!

chatting away…

She doesn’t like to see people sleeping, or even with their eyes closed.  She gets a really concerned look on her face and whines while she points the sleeper out.  Even a sleeping baby in one of her books gets this silly reaction.

She’s discovered that if she hurts herself she gets a hug and a kiss that makes everything better.  She will pretend to fall or run into a wall and then come running over, patting her head/arm/foot/whatever is “hurt” and fake cry until she gets a kiss.  She also loves family hugs!

I made myself a promise never to post bathroom details as my facebook status, but this is a blog, so it doesn’t count.  Plus, it’s a blog post devoted entirely to shameless bragging about our daugher, so it fits… Isla poops on the toilet!  Not always (not even close!)… but when she is taking a bath.  She thinks she’s the smartest thing ever when she does… and I do too!  She stands up in the bath, pats her bottom, makes an icky face and points to the toilet.  I sit her down and voila!  What can I say??  She’s so smart!

I planned to end this update with Isla’s fifteen month stats, but considering I haven’t even mader her appointment yet, that’s not gonna happen.  So instead, here’s a video of Isla feeding her baby.  :)


5 thoughts on “Isla in January

  1. Fun to read up on your blog after some time of not visiting and always interesting to read about your life there (and get ideas for me in sharing our life here). p.s. Sorry the cereal costs SOOO much…just crazy, huh?

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