Today I showed restraint

My love affair with chai is well-documented on this blog.

I think the last time I wrote about it was when I found that Caribou Coffee had chai.  Notice the past tense verb: Had.  It’s still on the menu, but for the past several months they’ve been all out.  Same story at Gloria Jean’s.  Starbucks was out for so long that it’s not even on the menu there anymore.

(On a side note, ask Caleb sometime about the time Starbucks was out of coffee. I kid you not.  True story.)

Anyways, today I was at TSC doing our grocery shopping for the week.  And I found 12 boxes of this:

And surprisingly, it was pretty reasonably priced.  While I have been known to buy every single jar of applesauce on the shelf, I limited myself to only two boxes of chai.  Although I was second guessing myself the whole way home, and will probably go back to the store and buy a few more boxes…. just in case the chai has the same fate as the canned pumpkin and frozen strawberries…. making an appearance on the shelves of TSC once, never to be seen again……


6 thoughts on “Today I showed restraint

  1. Wow – that’s amazing restraint! I LOVEEEEEEEE chai tea – and even though I when I lived overseas there was still a lot of accessibility..there were definitely A LOT of things that I missed! Glad you sound something you loved :)

  2. Let me look and see what I can find. While I do not personally have the recipe, I do know who does. Sorry -been so busy I didn’t get to it, but I will ask her today.

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