Good numbers, bad numbers

I’m a cheapskate when it comes to phones.  I always got the free one with my cell phone plans in the States.  I did the same thing here and bought the cheapest one I could find.  After you buy your phone, you buy your phone number.  I also got the cheapest phone number there was.

“What?” I can hear you asking…. “some phone numbers are more expensive than others?!?”


You can pay however much for a “bad” number, or you can spend up to $500 (!!!) for a good number!  The newspaper often has ads for different numbers for sale.  They are divided up into price levels.  So, a $500 number would be something like 70-000000 or 70-777777.  A $100 number might be something like 70-505505 and so on.  My cheap number is just a random mix of numbers in no pattern (although I am my father’s daughter and had to figure out a mathematical pattern in order to memorize my number, but that’s beside the point).

It’s not just good phone numbers that are more expensive, but license plates too.  Apparently a good number on your license plate means that you are an important person… or at least very rich.  I think normal license plates are 7 or 8 numbers… but I guess the shorter, the better (?).

Usually it’s super fancy cars or big, black SUVs with tinted windows with the “good” license plates, but every once in a while you’ll see an old beat up car with the number “2424” or something on it’s plate which is always good for a little chuckle.  Priorities, priorities.

This summer, Caleb saw a car from Dubai with the license plate:  “2”

Wonder who gets number 1??


5 thoughts on “Good numbers, bad numbers

    • Nice! We figured it was definitely a prince. I think second to Dubai itself, there are more Dubai princes in Beirut during the summer than anywhere else. :)

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  2. Actually, phone numbers can reach thousands of dollars. The number 70/707070 was sold for $450,000!

    As for car numbers, they are usually 6 digits (rarely 7). In general, the less digits there are the more expensive the plate becomes. These can easily be in the thousands and A LOT of people buy such numbers!

    • WOW! I thought $500 was ridiculous to pay for a number!!! Thanks for the correction on the license plates… I obviously haven’t been paying that close attention… I even went and looked at the one on our car, and yep, only six numbers! And we definitely didn’t pay any extra for it! :)

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