Year 8 and counting

I blogged last year about our Valentine’s Day tradition of having Indian food.  Caleb and I were laughing today about how of all holidays, this is the one we probably care about the least, and yet it is the only one we really have any long-standing tradition for.

We tried an Indian restaurant last year.  It was pretty good, but everything had a slight Lebanese taste.  Not so today!  We found an amazing Indian restaurant, just a five minute walk from our house.  Chicken biryani, naan, samosas and super delicious mango lassis (although I had about half a sip before Isla drained mine! :)).

February 14 is also the anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minster Hariri six years ago.  Our first year here we went to the annual rally.

2009 Hariri rally

Last year we watched the crowds swarming the Corniche after the rally ended.  This year, as we wandered down to the sea, the streets were almost silent.  The son of the assassinated PM is the prime minister who was recently overthrown, and I think everyone was a little nervous about what today would hold.  But all it seemed to hold was quiet (thank the Lord)… and really good biryani!

Pictures coming soon… once my on-its-last-leg computer decides to cooperate with me a little bit better!


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