My excuse is totally legit

I’m still trying to get those pictures from yesterday onto the blog.

I totally blame the internet. And I’m not just whining. Just read a post about Lebanon’s internet. We have the SLOWEST download speed in the ENTIRE WORLD.

To give you an idea of what the slowest internet in the world looks like: I used to try to watch Survivor on YouTube…. but one 10 minute segment would take nearly an hour to download… if the internet connection even lasted that long!

So, the promised pictures will have to wait another day… and Mom, you’ll just have to wait til you get here to see more Isla videos!!!


4 thoughts on “My excuse is totally legit

  1. Yep, I can totally relate. When I originally arrived in Madagascar I had to make all my pictures under 50kb or I just couldn’t upload them… If one puts more than 4 computers on a network (like in a large home, or in a school) one is classified as an Internet cafe and throttled… But that’s the third world for you!

  2. Hey, nothing was slower than the connection in Gong,Kenya. That was like counting minutes with a sundial. Thanks for your efforts we love the photos and updates. Dad

  3. Care to move back into our building? I can watch a whole episode of House, in the middle of the day, within 1-2 hours max! I’d love to have you (and Isloola) as my neighbor again! :D

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