Isla in February

It seems as each day goes by, Isla is less and less of a baby and more and more a toddler. Can’t believe how big our girl is getting (almost 23 pounds and 31.5 inches to be exact!) She’s officially down to one nap a day, and has become quite a good little sleeper (12+ hours each night and a 2-3 hour nap… Praise the Lord, is all I can say about that!).

I know at some point, we’ll have to stop keeping a list of all her words, but she still has few enough that we can count. She’s got a handful of names down – besides Dadda and Mom, she says Iiiiiii (Isla), Amal, Hawraa, Hat (Hayat), Yum (Youmna), and Joe. The rest of her new words seem really really random: tiptoe, waa (water), hat, heart, E-I-E-I-O, dow (light in Arabic), no-no-no. I might be missing some, those are the ones I can remember right now.

She’s a super active girl. She loves to run, jump, skip, spin and dance. And she loves to sing. She knows the motions to her favorite songs and will ask to sing them over and over again. Sometimes she’ll put her baby on her lap and use the baby’s hands to do the motions as well. It’s too cute. She also loves to have her baby or bear sit next to her while she is eating so she can feed them. Actually, this isn’t limited to just babies and bears. Apparently cars and books like to eat and drink milk too!

I’m amazed at how much she is able to transfer – like, she learned what a heart was because she has hearts on her jammies. But the other day we were out walking and she saw one grafitti’ed on the side of a wall and said “heart!” Or she watched Barney once and we sang the I Love You song a few times. Days later, she found a Barney story book and pointed to a picture of Barney and made her “I want to sing” sign. It’s incredible how much their little brains can process!

The other day our playgroup was canceled because of rain (???), so we had a free morning. We went to a big indoor playplace north of Beirut. Usually those places are pretty pricey by the hour, but this one is free for under 18 monthers. We had the place all to ourselves and Isla had so much fun. That was a super long intro for this “Isla in February” video:


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