We are so cliche

One of the most popular cliches about Beirut is that “you can ski in the mountains and swim in the Mediterranean on the same day.” We came as close to this today as I think we ever will!

This morning we drove up to Faraya to play in the snow. It was a really nice day and the slopes were packed. There is also a sledding hill, but there was no place to park, so we ended up just playing off the side of the road with a bunch of other people.

my favorite part of this picture is definitely the two extras on the left!

Isla wasn’t sure what to think of the snow… until Caleb gave her a taste. Now she’s a huge fan! :)

After playing a bit, we had lunch and then drove back to Beirut. I needed sand for a craft I’m doing in Sunday School tomorrow, so off we went to the beach. Isla was all excited because she though she was back in the snow.

It was definitely too cold to swim, but I got my feet wet… just so I can say I had my feet in the snow and in the sea on the same day!


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