Beirut Baby Mama

The new moms group that I blogged about a few weeks ago is meeting again on Tuesday! Honestly, it’s not super toddler friendly (I mean, we meet in one of those ceramic painting places… can you say, “temptation central”??), but I figure in six months or so when the rest of the babies start walking around, they will find a new place to meet… and communities of moms are really hard to find around here, so I’m not letting this one go! :)

Anyways, if you are in Beirut and are pregnant or have a baby and would like to join… ahla wo sahla!


*edit* We are no longer meeting at the Ceramic Lounge, instead we meet at Planet Discovery, a children’s museum in the Beirut Souks.  For more info, check out the facebook group here!


2 thoughts on “Beirut Baby Mama

  1. I’m hoping to find a couple baby store in Beruit for a friend who’s son is 3 months old. can you suggest some store names, or places online to look that I can send things?

    • Online is really difficult in Lebanon, unfortunately, but some good options for stores in country are Centerpointe at City Mall in Dora (for clothes, gear and toys), Mothercare (in Hamra, Verdun, City Mall), H&M in the Souks for clothes, and Mazen on Corniche el Mazraa for toys and baby gear.

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