Oops, it’s already March

Sorry it has been quiet on the ‘ole blog front.  I go through phases of blogging.  Sometimes I have lots of fun, great ideas, and then there are times like now.  Sometimes it’s because I’m too busy to actually sit and write.  Sometimes I just have no ideas.  Sometimes I have interesting cultural experiences but can’t seem to write about them without coming across as critical.  Sometimes I forget we have a blog.  Sometimes I’m just too lazy and would rather sit and eat almost an entire package of mint Milanos that my mom brought from the States.

Did I mention my mom is in town?  Caleb is in Arizona for the wedding of his best friend, so after Isla and I had just enough days alone that I wanted to pull out my hair and hers (what little she has anyways), my mom flew into town!  It’s nice to be able to go to the bathroom without a baby banging on the door and crying “Maaaammmaaaa, maaammmmaaaa” (okay, who am I fooling, she still does that!)

Right now, Isla is napping, Mom is sleeping off some jet-lag, the Milanos are almost gone (oops), so I thought I’d sit and write a blog.

But my mind is blank.

So, back to the cookies.


2 thoughts on “Oops, it’s already March

    • Ooh, I wish I had a recipe for them… these were just in a package that my mom brought with her from the States :)

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