Isla in March

Isla has been sick for the past week or so, which is why this 17 month update is a little late.  It’s the first time she’s been sick – besides a few little colds – and she’s quite the baby about it.  The child who will eat anything burst into tears when I put her bowl of oatmeal in front of her.  And the child who fights sleep like it’s her job has been asking for two naps in a day!!!

Aside from being sick, Isla’s vocab has just exploded this past month.  I’m past making lists of all of her words, but a few of my favorites are oh dear! manya (medicine), and applesauce.  Oh, and “nice!” which she says every morning when she sees our new couch.

Isla and every pillow she could grab on the new “nice!”

She’s started to figure out and is really concerned about possession.  She is constantly naming things and who they belong to.  All the waters on the table for example:  Isla, Mama, Da, Isla, Mama, Da….  She can also be really particular if somebody has something that doesn’t belong to them.  You just try to carry my purse and Isla will be quick to let you know that it is not ok!

She loves to color, play outside and loves to sing.  “Jack in the Box” is still her all-time favorite song, but “Row row row your boat” is a close second.  She’s also discovered TV and asks to “watch” often.  Thankfully she gets bored after about 10 minutes and wants to play.

ancient cannon?  perfect for “row row row your boat!”

She loves animals.  We go on walks meowing at cats and feed the birds on our balcony.  She gets excited about wearing diapers that have dogs or cats on them and really annoyed at the ones with caterpillars or kids.

She’s obsessed with and slightly confused about snow after our quick visit a few weeks ago.  She’ll talk about it randomly and I finally figured out she thinks the puffy white clouds are snow.  Still working on that one.  :)

My mom taught her how to count while she was in town… so whenever someone leaves the room, Isla will start counting (with a pointed finger :)) until they return.

So, until next month… one… one…one…. (okay, that is the only number she knows…)

Oh and it’s Mother’s Day today, so I’m sticking myself in one of the pics! :)  Happy Mother’s Day and happy 17 months, Isla Marie!!


3 thoughts on “Isla in March

  1. Sweet! I can picture her putting her little head down just so and putting that finger up to start……”one”. You need to get her say two!

    More pics of the new salon set-up please. I want to see how you rearranged to get the new sofa in.

    Love the pictures! Love you all!
    Mom (Ma)

    • We went to the snow today and as we were leaving Isla was getting upset. I told her to say bye-bye to the snow and she started counting… :) :) :)

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