Logical conclusions

The girls often contort Bible stories they’ve learned into some really funny stories with hilarious applications.

Recently, my two first graders have been talking about how if someone doesn’t have clothes or food and you give them some, it’s like you are feeding and clothing God.  Very Biblical.  Or if you lie to someone, it’s like you are lying to God.  Or if you hit someone you are hitting God.  Sometimes, they get a little carried away… If you study something, you are studying God!  If you forgive someone, you are forgiving God!  Usually I can twist their words a little to make their thoughts correct:  Yes, we should study in a way that brings glory to God.

Other times though, I just have to leave the room so they don’t see me laughing.

Yesterday we were talking about their Sunday school craft… we studying the Parable of the Sower and so they each planted flower seeds.  The girls had thought that their house moms had thrown the flowers out and they were bemoaning the fact.  “Haram!  They shouldn’t have thrown them away!  We worked so hard on them…  That was our craft… It was to help us remember the story… whine whine whine…”

And then this gem:  “Yes, they shouldn’t have thrown them away, because when you throw something away, you throw God away.”

End scene.


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