On Language Learning

I’m at least three of these people… if not more! :)


7 thoughts on “On Language Learning

  1. Hey Nicolette
    How are you guys learning Arabic? Are you learning the official Arabic or the spoken Lebanese? Do you know any good places that teach (preferably) Lebanese?

    • Hey there! We spent our first year focused on learning Lebanese Arabic. After that we started studying Fussha – the formal Arabic. I stopped taking classes when Isla was born, but Caleb has continued studying formal Arabic.
      There are two really good schools in Beirut that we know of for learning Lebanese Arabic.

      ALPS is in Hamra – http://www.abtslebanon.org/?DivisionID=1487&ToggleSideNav=DivisionOnly
      Saifi is near Gemayze – http://saifiarabic.com/

      We would highly recommend both schools for Lebanese Arabic… let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Great thanks a lot, we will check both :)
        And very nice blog you have here, I just started following a couple of weeks ago, now it’s part of my daily reads!

  2. As an ESL tutor, this clip is hilarious! I might have to show it to my students…they are always concerned with how they sound…they are definitely doing better than the people on the video!

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