It’s a ghost…no, wait, it’s a turtle!

Today in Sunday School, I told the story of Jesus walking on the water.

When the disciples see Jesus, they are frightened and think He must be a ghost.  I learned the Arabic word for ghost this morning, but the kids didn’t actually know what a ghost was.  I tried to explain a bit, but they just weren’t getting it.  I didn’t want to go into too much detail or anything – one, because how in the world do you explain what a ghost is? and two, why give kids something new to be afraid of that isn’t even real?

So as I’m explaining a little that the disciples were scared because people don’t walk on water, they thought Jesus must have been something scary, I guess the kids got bored with my explanation, because one of the girls piped up, “we know, we know what it is.”  And then in English, “It’s a turtle.  Okay, we know!”

Alrighty, then.

our class last week


One thought on “It’s a ghost…no, wait, it’s a turtle!

  1. Love it,we needed to work on half algebra for awhile today. We discovered it was pre-algebra, we are both speaking the same language I think :) Love you D

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