Isla in April, part 2

Can’t miss my once a month opportunity to unabashedly brag on my ball, baby, animal, book, Elmo, Barney, car, outside-loving 18 month old!

Isla is quite smart, if you ask me :)  She’s learned to recognize a few letters, and in the bath last night she was playing with her foam letters and numbers.  She held up an E, and when I said “ee” she looked at it a bit funny, and then turned it on it’s side and proudly announced… “M!”

She loves to share… other kids’ toys.  Like I mentioned last month, she’s really concerned about what belongs to who.  At play group on Tuesday, she followed a little guy around for a good half hour.  She found his water bottle on the ground… gave it to him…. he took one drink and put it back on the ground… she picks it up and gives it back…. rinse, repeat.  Now if someone were to pick up HER water, she’d let the whole world know she wasn’t happy about it with an “AYA! AM!!”  (translation: “That’s Isla’s!  Help!!”).

In the afternoons when I’m with the girls, Isla exercises with Daddy.  She loves doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups… especially pull-ups which she will do anywhere she can find a bar, table or rail to pull up on.

(sorry to all my facebook friends for the picture repeats! :))

By far Isla’s favorite thing to do is play with her friends.  Every morning and multiple times throughout the day we go through the list of all her friends and who she is going to get to see that day.  It’s actually a great motivator for her… “Isla, you have to take a nap if you want to see Mia today” or “You have to get in your stroller if you want to go play with the girls!”

Some of my favorite Isla words right now are woya (robot), mim (milk), rawr (lion), ibby (Itsy Bitsy Spider), ameeya (airplane), and her most used word of all time: BITES!  (what can I say, this child loves food.  Seriously.  There is nothing (except eggs) that Isla won’t eat. Eggplant, mmm.  Spicy Pringle chips, mmm. Garlic, mmm. Pumpkin kibbe with spinach and chickpeas, mmm. We got super lucky with this little girl! :))


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