Random thoughts

1.  We leave for America in 11 days.  Gulp.

2.  I found a Gymboree today.  You have no idea how hard it is to keep reminding myself that we leave for America in 12 days and I can buy things at Gymboree for half of what they cost here.

3.  Tomorrow I’m taking two of the girls to a birthday party at Burger King.  The entire kindergarten was invited, plus brothers and sisters.  There could very well be upwards of 100 five and six year olds running around the very small play place at Burger King tomorrow.  Big Gulp.

4.  Apparently I’m late in potty training Isla.  I found out that in Syria, if your baby isn’t potty trained by 1 year it is recommended to sit them on a toilet, light a match, blow it out and put it on their skin…. it basically scares the pee out of them.

5.  I need help helping a 1st grader do a science project on the life cycle of a dog.  Without using any posterboard.

6.  Today some poor child lost their balloon.  Somehow it landed on our balcony.  Totally made Isla’s day.

7.  The spelling bee at the girls’ school got pushed back a few weeks, and I’m really sad about missing it.

8.  Operation: eat all the food in the pantry and freezer before we travel has commenced!  I actually came up with quite a nice spinach pastry the other day.  But we’ve also had pasta three times this week.

9.  Isla has started calling all women “mama” and all men “daddy.”  This can be really embarrassing when she and I are walking down the street and she points at and calls out to a random man, “Daddy!!!”

10.  Censorship on TV here is so interesting.  The other night Aladdin (the Disney movie) was on, and huge chunks of the Genie’s song were cut out.  I was watching Masterchef Australia (I’m addicted) and the contestants were in a market searching for BEEP fat.  I was so confused.  Then I realized they were looking for pork fat.  Yep, the word pork is censored.  So is Jew.  More interesting TV thoughts… one channel interrupts their programming for the call to prayer five times a day.  BUT, during the royal wedding, which was broadcast live, it didn’t actually pause the wedding like it normally would.  There was just a little ticker scrolling across the bottom that reminded everyone that it was time for the mid-day prayer.

11.  I’m not really sure how to end this post.  That’s all.


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