4 days and counting…

The past month we’ve been ridiculously busy.  In addition to our normal responsibilities, we’re preparing for our summer Home Assignment.  So between the girls, Shabibi, Sunday School, Arabic class, etc, we’ve been searching for good deals on plane tickets, designing a new prayer card, writing thank you notes to our supporters, shooting and editing an update video and everything else that goes into our “working summer.”

So, four days before we hop on our first flight, and what did we do today?  Pack?  Clean the house?  Tie up one of the million loose ends we still have left?  No, no and no.

We went to my all-time favorite place in Lebanon.


Lazy b.  Ahhh.  We love this place.  We discovered it last summer and went as often as we could.  It’s so different from other beaches in Lebanon, which are generally rocky, full of concrete, with loud music blaring.  Lazy b is the complete opposite.  Green, sandy, quiet, peaceful.  I feel like we’ve left Lebanon when we arrive.   A few weeks ago, a 50% off coupon showed up on GoNabit (Beirut’s version of Groupon) and I just couldn’t pass it up.


The whole 30 minute drive down, Isla was letting us know how excited she was:  “Beach!  Dump water!  Dirt!  Daddy driving!  Beach!  Dump water!…”


You can’t really tell in this picture but after all that excitement, Isla wasn’t a fan of the beach at first.  She stood on this piece of concrete for a good 10 minutes telling us she was “all done.”  I have a really cute video, but youtube is telling me it will take 344 minutes to upload, so the picture will have to do.  She warmed up to the sand and water eventually and had a great time.  :)

It was wonderful.  I didn’t think of packing, airplane flights or raising support.  The only thing on my mind was building sand castles, throwing rocks and making sure Isla’s shoulders didn’t get sunburned.  Oh and this amazing $5 fruit salad that wasn’t actually $5.


It was a beautiful day.  Just the boost I needed to get through the last few crazy days in Beirut and the crazy summer ahead of us!



4 thoughts on “4 days and counting…

  1. So glad you could “escape” for just a bit! 4 days!?!? I can’t stand it! Can I just come and travel with you wherever you go until your Hutch family time? I suppose not so I will count the days until August 3rd.

  2. I love it that you took the day off to play!! Great wisdom. The older I get the more I realize that all “the stuff” will be right there when you get back and you will get it all done, you will get packed and you will make the flight. I sure hope I get to see Isla, oh, – – – ALL of you when you are here. Praying for a safe trip!!

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