Breastfeeding Essentials Seminar

Breastfeeding is not common nor popular here in Lebanon.  When Isla was born and I had difficulties, I was at a complete loss for how and where to find support – which I believe is one of the most important aspects to establishing a good breastfeeding relationship.  It’s only because I’m stubborn (which Isla’s former pediatrician told me in a combination of frustration and resignation) that I was able to get through the first few months of nursing… let alone the past 19 months of breastfeeding.

All that to say, I’m excited that there are finally resources and support networks popping up around Beirut.  One is a good friend of mine, Nadiya, who is offering this upcoming seminar.  I’ve been to a seminar she’s given before and she’s a fun speaker – knowledgeable, engaging and helpful.  If you are in Lebanon and nursing, pregnant or planning to be pregnant, I’d highly recommend attending!

For more info, see the brochure here.


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