Most of our time here in Colorado has been spent at the WorldVenture offices for our Home Assignment debriefing.  We’re in meetings from 8am til 5pm every day.  Some of our sessions are informational – updates on our medical plan or some changes taking place within the organization.  We’ve also had sessions on worship, rest, and grief, which have been both challenging and encouraging.

I think the most beneficial part of our debriefing has been the several hours each day we’ve spent as a group reflecting on our past term.  We’ve taken turns answering questions like, “What has been the most significant relationship you’ve had over the past term?” and “What concerns for your children do you have related to the host culture?” and “What have you learned about God or your relationship with God over the past term?”

It was incredibly valuable to spend the time reflecting and debriefing – thinking through (out loud!) the struggles and joys of this past term. I think it’s been especially helpful to prepare ourselves as we head out over the next three months to meet with supporting family, friends and churches.  It was also such and encouragement to hear from our colleagues – some of whom are first-termers like us, others who have been on the field for up to 30 years.

Isla has enjoyed making new friends in the kids program… going to the park, having story and craft time, and playing with all the fun new toys scattered around the office (where we also happen to be staying).  In the evenings, we’ve had family style dinners with our co-workers and after the kids are in bed, worked on re-drafting our communication strategy, developing a plan for continuing partner development, and setting up appointments for our time in Dallas.

We’ve also tried to take as much advantage as we can of the gorgeous Colorado weather and scenery.  Fresh air, green grass, trees, rivers and lakes have been a great refreshment after three years in Beirut!

We’ve also been able to spend some time with some friends and mentors from – oddly enough – our time at DTS.  Oh yeah, and the good food.  Chick-fil-A, Blue Bell ice cream and Panera Bread to name a few!  We’ve got another day and a half of training and then it’s off to Dallas on Wednesday afternoon.  Looking forward to seeing many of you during the three weeks we’ll be in Texas!


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