Isla in America

I love looking at America through Isla’s eyes.  So much is new and fun.

I missed the Isla in May post… yeah, we had a few things on our plate last month!  Isla in June is coming soon, but I wanted to write a bit about the fun things Isla is discovering in the good ole US of A.

Dogs.  Isla is obsessed with dogs.  Every dog she saw in Colorado, which was a lot of dogs, she would walk up to, show it her shoes and say, “nice!”  Not quite sure why she thought dogs would be interested in her shoes, but even the dog statue in Old Navy got to see her nice shoes.

Cereal.  This child loves her some cereal.  No more Corn Flakes, baby!  Isla has also eaten her weight in blueberries.  And, since we’ve been in Texas: beans and rice.  I think she’s had beans the past four days in a row.  Baked beans, black beans, white rice, Mexican rice, yellow rice.  She’ll throw the brisket, the enchiladas, the hot dog to the side to eat beans and rice.

Not all is fun.  Isla has discovered some new fears.  Ants.  Grass.  Ceiling fans.  Haha, the first time she saw a ceiling fan, she froze, ducked, and would not take another step until she figured out a way to walk without walking under it!

She’s having a ball playing outside… in parks, at the lake, even just walking on the sidewalk and finding rocks and flowers.

Isla hates the car.  Hates. the. car.  We get close to the car, and she starts crying, “all done, red car, all done!”  But she loves loves loves airplanes, buses and trains.  She’s so cute in the airport, “More big ameya (airplane)!  Oh boy!  Big ameya!  Up up up!!  Fwying!  Ameya!”

We’re discovering the joy(?) of commercialization… Elmo diapers!  Dora cereal (I don’t even know how she knows who Dora is…).  Oh, and “Woody Daddy.”  Isla found a Woody toy while we were staying at WorldVenture, and she and Caleb have been watching Toy Story clips on YouTube.  She can pretty much describe the whole scene that she’s watched.

New friends and lots of good-byes.  Isla is having so much fun meeting new friends… especially kids and dogs.  She’s also a great MK… as soon as I start packing my bag, she makes her rounds of the room, giving everyone hugs and telling them bye-bye!

(all my pics of Isla revolve around food, haha  Oh, America!)

So, it’s only been three weeks and I can’t wait to see what else Isla discovers over the next three months…


7 thoughts on “Isla in America

  1. Wait until she gets to AZ! She will find lots to keep her busy loving and hating things! We can hardly wait to see you all!

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