I wish they all could be California girls…

I always joke about how Isla is such a Hutcherson… that I wonder if I had anything to do with her DNA.  This past week I finally caught a glimpse of a little bit of King in her:

This child loves California.

My dad flew out to meet us from North Carolina.  We crashed at my sister’s place in LA for one night and then drove down to stay with my aunt and uncle in San Clemente.  It was Isla’s dream week: pools, beaches, and boats.  I’ve never seen her get so excited as when she puts her bathing suit on!  She had a ball.  In between all the water and sun we were able to meet with some dear friends and supporters and introduce Isla to all her California family…. my aunt and uncle and lots of cousins that she hadn’t met before.

After 4 days with my family, we took the train to San Diego where we met up with Caleb’s family for a few more days of beach.  We drove to Arizona just in time for a crazy sand storm to cover everything with dirt and dust!  If you are here in AZ, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

picture is currently unavailable

Dinner with old family friends and faithful supporters

picture is currently unavailable

Isla and cousin Maddi

picture is currently unavailable

“Jump!  Wadi!!”

picture is currently unavailable

Caleb wishing he was surfing… Isla wishing she was in the water


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