FAQ: Do you feel safe?

After our whirlwind trip to the States for a banquet last fall, we wrote a newsletter answering some of the most frequently asked questions we received about life and ministry in Beirut.

As we travel around the country this summer, we continue to answer some of the same questions… many of you blog readers don’t get our newsletters, and we won’t see you, so I wanted to continue answering some of those questions here… because I’m guessing that they might be on your mind as well!

One of the big ones: Do you feel safe?

The short answer is yes.  We do feel safe living in Beirut.  Even though it is a big city, the (random) crime rate is much lower than what you would find in most major cities in the US.  Isla and I feel completely comfortable walking around our neighborhood alone – even into the evening.  We have never felt threatened or targeted or unsafe because we are Americans or Christians.  So yes, in our day to day lives, we feel very safe.

The flip side of that answer is that we live in an unstable region and an even more unstable country.  The possibility of major conflict is always just around the corner, and that is something that we really had to wrestle with before we even made the decision to move to Lebanon.  (We wrote a few blog posts about the ideas of fear and safety way back when… you can find them here and here.)  We have different ways of dealing with the ever-present tension – Caleb likes to be as informed as possible, while I avoid reading the news or listening to the rumors as much a I can.  We have contingency plans in place but pray we never need to use them!  It’s not something that we think about every day – we just try to go about life as normal.

For more answers to other frequently asked questions, check them out here!


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