Swim lessons

It would be hard for Isla to choose what her favorite part about Arizona has been.  She loved going camping, playing with the cats and dogs, getting her nails painted… but if I had to guess it would be swim lessons.  She loves going under, jumping off the side, kicking big, choo-chooing to the step, and “swimming” from Aunt Charity to Daddy to Mommy.

Here’s video of her favorite part of her first swim lesson.

She is really going to miss having access to a swimming pool when we return to Beirut… she loves the water so much!


One thought on “Swim lessons

  1. Swim lessons! What fun. Perhaps the Lord will open a door you can’t now imagine in Beirut. Our daughter’s dream of ice skating was realized in Turkey when they opened an olympic sized ice rink (on of 5 or 6 in the country) a mile from our house. She is now on a skating team for our city! I never would have dreamed…

    Blessings on your return.

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