Friends around the world

Every time we hop on another plane, we have to leave behind ones we love.  We talk about her favorite people every day – multiple times a day.  I was actually pretty surprised – we had a layover in Dallas on our way from Phoenix to Raleigh, and when we told Isla we were in Texas, she got all excited because her friend Ruby lives in Texas… I didn’t realize how much she was paying attention, although it makes sense because she would ask to play with Ruby several times a day, and we also responded with, “Nope, Ruby is in Texas.”

She obviously has no concept of distances and place, but she does know that an airplane ride is required to see her buddies.  Ahh, the life of a TCK!!

***  edit… if you watched this before it was totally wonky… I think it should be fixed now!! ***


2 thoughts on “Friends around the world

  1. So I was watching this with Rylie and I told her we were going to watch Isla…and now that is all she wants to say! “Isla, Isla, Isla!” :)

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