There’s an app for that

For those of you who don’t already know this – We here in Lebanon do not have 24 hour electricity.  Thankfully, for us here in the city, our electricity cuts are on a very consistent schedule, so we can (and do!) plan our day around the electricity being on or off.  “Can’t start a load of laundry now, because it won’t be done before the electricity cuts off” is a normal thought running through my brain.

For a while, we had a piece of paper on the fridge with a schedule of when the electricity goes off, but now… there’s an app for that.

It even gives you a ten minute warning before the power goes out so you can turn off any ACs you have running or quick use your hair dryer while you can!

(For those of you in Beirut, you can find the app here.)

I do find it a bit ironic that we barely have a good enough internet connection to download the app, but that’s for another post and another day! :)


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