Army assembly

Last week was “army day” at the school across the street.  The Lebanese army came and did a big program which included zip-lining from the top of the building next door and rappelling down the side of the school.  Isla and I had a great view from our balcony.  Rumor has it that at these assemblies a member of the army bites off the head of a live snake, but we couldn’t see into the school’s courtyard well enough to know if this actually happened!

Isla loved it.  She’s asked me nearly every day since if more “guys are falling off the wall today?”  :)

I don’t know if this was a real gun, but the noise it made when the soldier “shot” it as he was rappelling down the wall was quite realistic.  Isla was all excited thinking it was fireworks!  We had a big holiday last week, so we had fireworks pretty much non-stop for three days.  :)


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