Inshallah Sabi

“God willing, it will be a boy!”

Before we knew Isla was a girl, this is what everyone told me.  Friends, acquaintances, strangers on the street, all offered their prayers that the baby in my belly would be born a boy.  Even after we knew she was a girl, I had a few people tell me that it could still change (Inshallah!).

I’ve gotten it even more with this pregnancy, because we already have our girl.

Obviously, a healthy baby is the most important thing, but both Caleb and I were actually hoping for another girl… for a number of reasons – my work with the girls, having two girls close in age, already having all the clothes we’ll need are just a few.

I had my monthly appointment this week and the doctor asked me if I wanted to know the gender of the baby.  She looked for a bit and then said, very timidly, “I think….. I think it’s a girl.”  I caught my breath and asked her, “you think it’s a girl or you know it’s a girl??  Because we really want a girl.”  She was shocked and told me she was sure it was a girl, but WHY did we want another girl???  I explained a bit and she told me that I made her day.  We chatted a little more about it and she said that she gets a tad nervous anytime she knows a family already has a daughter, because they naturally want a boy.  She was so excited that I was so excited about another little girl that she kept telling me over and over again how I had made her day.

So, we are having a baby girl!  And we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!  Now we just have to figure out how to deal with the “I’m so sorry” that we will inevitably get (mostly from strangers, our friends here are excited too!) when I answer their “inshallah Sabi” with “actually, we are having a girl!”


6 thoughts on “Inshallah Sabi

  1. I’m pretty sure a few good “insha’allah, you will mind your own business” will do wonders for the culture. ;-)

    Just kidding. Seriously, I can’t see how repeating “insha’allah, we will have a healthy baby” couldn’t hurt. Might even help some to reconsider favoring gender over what God has chosen for you.

  2. Yiiiiiiiiippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! We know how TOTALLY WONDERFUL it is to have two girls close in age, and the older they get the sweeter it is, as they start to interact more and actively play together. Ailíse is at that age where she is very free with spontaneous hugs and kisses, and Saoirse is often the beneficiary – SO SWEET!

  3. Oh no, so I can look forward to even more “Inshallah sabi’s” next time round? And “Inshallah God will send her a little brother”? Congrats on your second baby girl!
    ps I finally replied on the “fat” comments issue :)

    • Thank you! And yes, be preparing your comebacks for baby #2, haha!
      Great “fat post” by the way… you are such a great writer!!

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