Advent 2011

A little over a month ago we realized that if we were going to have any family Christmas traditions, this would be the year to start because Isla will actually remember them.  We knew we wanted to do some kind of advent tradition with her, but couldn’t really find anything here – except for those calenders with the chocolates hiding behind the doors.  So, I had my mom type out the story from the advent calender we used when I was growing up and turned it into a ring chain.  Each night Isla gets to take a ring off the chain and read more of the Christmas story.  She’s loving it!

(I don’t expect anyone to actually watch this entire video except for grandparents and aunts and uncles as it’s 5 minutes long :))


5 thoughts on “Advent 2011

  1. I watched the whole thing and I loved it!!! What a smart little girl and what great parents for teaching her what Christmas is all about. I think of you so often. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Miss Nan

  2. This is too precious! And I will watch all 5 minutes and 39 seconds again and again! Isla is blessed to have two amazing parents that desire to bring her up knowing and loving the Lord! Merry Christmas!
    Love you all so much,

  3. Sweeeeeeeeet!! We also started an Advent tradition this year. We’re using The Advent Book (, and Saoirse loves it.

    Have a great Christmas, and we’ll see you VERY soon – yay!

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