Christmas in Beirut 2011

Christmas decorations started going up in Beirut at the end of November… our tree was no exception!

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The Christmas displays in and around Beirut are quite extravagant.  Santa’s village, polars bears playing hockey, lights and trees, nativity scenes.  There are also shows for kids in the evenings.  We headed down to the new souks one night with pretty much the rest of Beirut to watch some kids dancing.

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We also stumbled upon the most bizarre Christmas program ever.  There was a large boat filled with people in the middle of the road, a small marching band, and this… carriage.  After Santa rappelled from a building nearby, we were treated to a firework show in the middle of the city, and then everyone just left.  Strange.

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We had fun looking for the perfect spot for our Christmas card picture this year.

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The girls’ Christmas party is always a highlight of the season for us… we have a few new girls this year who’ve never celebrated Christmas before, which makes it extra special.

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I was excited for Isla to enjoy it as well, but she had other plans.  She cried when I put on a blindfold to pin the nose on Rudolph, cried when the girls decorated Caleb like a Christmas tree, and then of course, there was Santa…

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On Christmas Eve, we opened some presents.  We decided we really like spreading the gifts out over a few days… takes the emphasis off of presents, we felt.  Isla was thrilled with her goldfish… and they’ve come in super handy with our potty training project this week!

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We had dinner with our dear friends the Costas and their family… a Christmas tradition we are so thankful to be included in!

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Christmas morning we had cinnamon rolls and for the first time since we moved to Beirut, they were actually edible!  We opened some more presents and then headed to church… where a good friend was baptized.  What a great way to celebrate the gift of life… with an expression of a life changed!  Isla thought it was the coolest thing ever… Miss Grace got to do “ducky dives” at church!  Of course, the cake was a bonus as well.

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We hope your Christmas season has been full of love, family and celebration over the greatest gift we could ever receive… the gift of a baby who would save the world.

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas in Beirut 2011

  1. Oh, you’re potty training? Ready to take notes. . . but we’re not ready yet, I don’t think. That will be so nice to get her out of diapers before #2, in shallah. . .

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