Isla’s Top Ten

Isla’s favorites from 2011 (in no particular order)

10. Airplanes


This child will probably grow up to be a pilot.  Her excitement about airplanes leads her to do crazy things, like stay awake for 26 hours straight so as not to miss a minute of going up, flying, going down, running through airports and going through customs.  Even drugs have little affect on Energizer Isla when it comes to airplanes.

9. Animals that you can touch (aka not street cats)!


Cats are at the top of her list, followed closely by dogs, donkeys, horses, cows and butterflies.  Pretty much anything but ants.  And snails.  She’s terrified of snails.

8. Swimming


Taking swimming lessons this summer was definitely a highlight of her year.  She loves the water!

7. Family


Isla had so much fun with her family this summer.  Grandpa Dave, Grandma Jane, Aunt Charity & Uncle Nathan, Uncle Cody, Zippy, Grandpa Bill, Grandma, Uncle Adam & Aunt Jade, Annelise and Uncle Evan….  she loves and misses her family so much!

6.  The Beach


While the sand took some getting used to, Isla had no problem running straight into the water!  No surprise there.  :)

5. Being a Flower Girl


Having a one year old as a flower girl can be risky, but Isla did amazing.  She was so excited she ran down the aisle.  She’s blurry in all the ceremony pictures :)

4. Turning 2!


What child doesn’t love having a birthday?  Isla was totally into the cakes, parties and presents this year!

3.  Music Class

Music class is the highlight of Isla’s week.  Play dates with her friends when we don’t have music class is an added bonus to her life. She loooves her friends, loves to sing and dance, and loves her teacher!

2.  Snow!


If you can eat it, Isla likes it.

1. Playing with the girls


This year Isla has been going with me to the girls a few times each week.  We have two new girls, one is just a year older than Isla, so she has such a blast going to play with them while I study with the older ones.  It took her a while to get comfortable, but I love how she just walks right in and heads straight to where the girls are playing.  Ahhh, life with 11 big sisters… Isla is loving it!


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