Top Ten Blogs

My favorite blogs from 2011… maybe you’ll find a new one to follow!

10.  Awkward Family Photos

I imagine most of you have seen this already… if you haven’t, make sure you aren’t drinking anything when you check it out… unless you want to be cleaning coffee off your computer screen!

9.  Enjoying the Small Things

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this blog, but it’s so sweet.  A mama to two little girls, who is an incredible photographer and has quite the zest for life.  Start with Nella’s birth story… amazing.

8.  in real life with Jamie Jo

One of Women of the Harvest’s current blogs exploring life as a woman serving cross-culturally.  If you are a gal working overseas, I’d definitely encourage you to check out Women of the Harvest… a great resource!

7.  “Stuff” my Kids Ruined

Title says it all… pictures of the creativeness of children.  (Technically, the title has a swear word in it, but the site is clean!)

6. Beirut Spring

A Lebanese blog about life, culture, politics in Lebanon.  Since I don’t like to read the news, this keeps me up to date on what’s going on without all of the threats and “war talk” that you find on the news.

5. Blog Baladi

Another popular Lebanese blogger.

4.  The Meanest Mom

A funny funny mom blogger… basically just stories about her kids and all the shenanigans they find themselves in.

3.  I Heart Faces

A really fun photography site.  They do weekly contests and photoshop tutorials.  Photography is a hobby of both Caleb’s and mine, and it’s always fun to get new ideas!

2.  I Heart Organizing

I want to live in this woman’s house.  She’s seriously amazing.  It’s a good thing we don’t have Ikea, Home Depot, etc in Lebanon or decorating and organizing could easily become an addiction.

1.  The Livesay [Haiti] weblog

I started reading this blog just after the earthquake in Haiti.  They were there and were giving really good updates from the ground.  And then I continued reading… they have an incredible ministry in Haiti and some really insightful thoughts on short term trips and trans-racial adoption (which has great principles on the issue of race that I’ve been working on with the girls).


So any great blogs out there that I missed??

Happy reading!



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Blogs

  1. I love it! I also started following The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog after the earthquake and have never stopped. After the tsunami in Japan, I found Tanya’s blog “Taniwa” . She is a quilter, (I am not) so you do get a lot of quilting info. But she gives so much cultural information and I just love it. Her story of going through the earthquake there is so fascinating and is in her archives. She is a Christian, teaches english to children and is a Japanese-American married to a Japanese man. You should give her a look. :)

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