Belly tales

An obviously pregnant belly really brings out the best in people here.  I rarely wait in lines, have a hard time convincing people I can carry my own grocery bags, and am given lots of blessings as I go about my way.

The other day I was waiting by the side of the road for a friend to pick me up.  The traffic was terrible, so I was out there for quite a while.  The sweet old man in the carpet shop I was standing in front of brought me a chair and covered it with a rug for me to sit on.  Super sweet.

It also brings some great laughs from the girls.  Today one was talking about how belly buttons grow when you have a baby in your belly.  I showed them mine and she oohed and ahhed… not about my belly button, but in her words…. “Wow.  It’s so white.”

Another of our girls hasn’t been eating her lunch at school, but has been eating chocolate and candy that her friends are giving her (as evidenced by candy wrappers found daily in her backpack).  One of the housemoms told her that she can’t eat so much junk food or she will get a fat belly.

Her response?

“I wanna be like Miss Nicolette!”

around 24 weeks

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