Our own version of March(April) Madness!

I love college basketball.

I love the month of March because of college basketball.

I love filling out my bracket… although my family makes fun of me because I always have Duke winning (what can I say, I’m a fan… feel free to call me a bandwagon-er, but I actually really like their style of play…), and I always have Gonzaga and Valpo going much farther than they ever will.  Actually, I’ve gotten lucky with Gonzaga a few times, and thankfully Valpo hasn’t actually made the tourney too many times since the year Bryce Drew hit that 3 point buzzer beater in quite the amazing upset.

My bracket usually does pretty well, too… even with my Duke, Gonzaga & Valpo weaknesses.  But living overseas makes it really hard to get in to March Madness.  Oh, I’ll still fill out my bracket.  But we don’t get any of the games on TV, our internet is too slow to watch any of the games streamed online, and just seeing the final scores each morning is not nearly the same kind of experience as having the TV on 24/7 with all the games and highlights and BracketVille commercials running in the background of daily life.  Sigh.  I do miss being in the States for March Madness.

All that was a really long introduction to the purpose of this post….  we are having a baby!  Totally unrelated, but not really, because we are running our own March(April) Madness pool.  Take a guess at when you think Baby Girl #2 will make her big debut for a chance to win a little Lebanese treat!

Head on over to our baby pool here and enter your picks for baby’s birthday and other stats for your chance to win!!!


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