Umbrella, Mom…. same difference.

Yesterday, one of the girls came home from school saying that she had to take in a picture of her mom.  Sort of makes sense because Mother’s Day is next week – they are probably making some kind of card or craft (although as a Mom, would I really want a craft with my OWN picture on it?  That’s beside the point, I guess).

But when I opened her agenda, it was clearly written in Arabic “Bring a picture of an umbrella.”  So here I am having a long conversation with a six year old, trying to figure out why she thinks she needs a picture of her mom when the teacher wrote umbrella.  (In my defense, they are studying the weather right now, so it’s not completely far-fetched that she’d need a picture of something weather-related… such as… an umbrella!)  Well, she couldn’t explain to me why it said umbrella but it meant mom, so I went to ask Mona.

She started cracking up and explained to me that “picture of an umbrella” actually means passport photos in formal Arabic.  Who knows why, but that’s what it means.

Kind of funny, but what’s really funny is that several months ago, my other two first-graders also had written in their agendas to bring a picture of an umbrella.  So I had them look through magazines, cut out a picture of an umbrella and take it to school.  They both came back the next day saying they didn’t need an umbrella picture, but with no other explanation, I just let it drop.  I can only imagine what their teachers were thinking…..

C’mon, Nicolette, it’s been 3.5 years…. surely I’ve made my million mistakes by now!


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