Isla does not stop talking.  Ever.  She’s pretty funny, but she’s also in this really embarrassing stage where she says exactly what is on her mind.  What can I say, she’s 2 and hasn’t quite learned tact yet.  We’ll be walking down the street and she’ll ask me very loudly, “is that a boy or a girl?”  An old man with a cane was walking towards us and after asking what he was doing, she announced, “I don’t like that man!  He’s not very nice!”  I guess I can be thankful that she’s speaking mostly English.  :)

The other day we were at a cafe for lunch and a group of English speaking students were sitting at the table next to us. One of the girls exclaimed, “oh my God!” at something she saw on the menu, and Isla immediately picked up on it. This is a phrase that Arabic speakers actually use (in English) quite a bit, so it’s been discussed with Isla many many times. So at lunch, Isla says, very loudly, “That girl said ‘oh my God!’” The girl of course heard her and understood and it made for quite the awkward exchange… me trying to use it as a teaching moment for my daughter, but at the same time trying not to make a big deal out of it in front of the girl who said it. I couldn’t help but smile when Isla asked why she said it. I told her that the girl was surprised by something and she replied, “surprised by God?” Sure, baby, surprised by God.

Some of my other favorite Isla-isms from the past few months:

One morning, I found Isla with all her stuffed animals packed inside her jammies.  “I was keeping them safe because Adam and Eve were in my pillow.”  (She does not like Adam and Eve!)


“I wants Dada.  I was missing him all day!”


Caleb:  “Are you wimpy?”

Isla: “No.”

Caleb:  “Are you brave?”

Isla:  “No.  I’m just a little girl with lots of owies.”


I told Isla she couldn’t have any more strawberries.  So she asked to pray.  And prayed, “Dear God, thank you for food, thank you for Jesus…. thank you for these strawberries I’m gonna eat…”


“The doctor has to open Mommy’s tummy and get the baby out. Because Mommy and Daddy not knows how.”




2 thoughts on “Isla-isms

  1. WOW! I all but choked with laughing at the Adam and Eve comment…quite the contrast with Saoirse who could recite the whole story of Adam and Eve from her children’s Bible verbatim, because we went through a phase a few months ago where she requested it every single night as her bedtime story!

    • That’s so funny! Isla would actually cry when Adam & Eve got kicked out of the garden. It’s so sad and adorable at the same time. On the rare occasion she lets us read that story, she wants to go straight to another story where “Jesus fixes everything.” Love the simple, accepting faith of children!!!

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