Sunday 11:56pm

On Thursday, Ruby’s bilirubin levels had spiked again, so we were re-admitted to the hospital.  A good friend mentioned to us that we didn’t have to stick with the doctor the hospital assigned, so now Isla’s doctor, who we LOVE, is taking care of Ruby.  She was under the lights for about 24 hours, which brought her levels down a good amount.

We’ve been re-testing her blood every 12 hours for the past two days, hoping for the numbers to stay stable or drop so that we can go home, but they have been consistently rising.  Now, on Sunday night, they are back to where they started, so she’s back under the lights.  We’ll re-test in the morning and see what has happened overnight with the phototherapy.

In the meantime, her doctor (the new one, not the one we fired) is concerned that something else might be going on.  She isn’t following the patterns that she should be.   It seems that the ABO incompatibility – where her blood cells are fighting mine – is winding down… the breakdown is occurring at less than 1% when it was originally at about 10%.  But her levels continue to rise.  So, the doctor is also running all sorts of other tests, to look for infection, thyroid problems, and who knows what else that might explain why her levels are just not going down like they should.

I thought holding my 3 day old while she got an IV was bad… holding down the legs of my 9 day old while they insert a catheter is much worse.  Poor baby is so traumatized by all the poking and prodding that when we try to lay her down she gets hysterical.  It’s so sad.

Please keep praying… for a miraculous drop in her levels and a continual decline.  Pray for energy for Caleb and me and for peace for Ruby – that she would relax and not fight against us as we’re just trying to help her get better.

On a positive note, my mom is here!  Let the Isla-spoiling begin!!!


5 thoughts on “Sunday 11:56pm

  1. That is heart-breaking. I am so sorry that all three of you are having to endure so much. Few things hurt more than watching your kids in distress. We are praying.

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