Finally some good news!

Ruby’s levels were continuing to climb, so she went back under the lights on Sunday night for 24 hours.

In the meantime all of the test results were coming back negative… no infections, no thyroid problems, liver seems to be working fine…. all that was good news!

Then last night they re-tested her blood and her levels had dropped significantly – as to be expected after being under phototherapy again.

There is generally a bit of a rebound after coming out from under the lights.  If her levels go up a point or two and then stay steady or start dropping, it’s a sign that her body is finally processing the bilirubin well enough for us to go home.  After her first blood test this morning, her level had actually dropped – no sign of a rebound so far!  It wasn’t much, just 0.1 of a point, but a drop nonetheless!  We still haven’t seen the doctor yet, just have a really helpful nurse who looked up the results for us.  No one is really sure what the next step is… probably another blood test this afternoon (hopefully sooner than later!) and as long as her level hasn’t gone up, we should be free!!!

Whoo hoo for a shower, sleeping in my own bed and eating something other than take-out….. and for finally heading home and figuring out how this whole family-of-4 thing works!!!!


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