Bedtime story…

After 9 nights in the hospital, 22 heel pricks, one IV, one big blood draw, one catheter, lots of tears and even more waiting, we finally get to read our bedtime story from home tonight!


Ruby’s levels still aren’t dropping like they should be.  For the past 48 hours they’ve been going up and down by a few tenths of a point every 8 hours or so.  But they aren’t high enough to go back under the lights, just not stable and going down.  So the doctor (finally!) decided that we might as well wait it out at home instead of in the hospital.  She doesn’t expect them to get dangerously high again, but just in case we’ll go back in Friday morning to re-check her levels and make sure they haven’t sky-rocketed again.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers… please keep praying with us that her levels will have at least stayed the same on Friday… even better that they will have decreased!

And now, to get a good night’s sleep in my own bed…. at least as good of a sleep you can get with a hungry newborn in the house!!


5 thoughts on “Bedtime story…

  1. Be sure to let her sit in the sunshine alot! It will help break down the billieruben like the phototherapy… well more slowly than phototherapy, but yea..

  2. Yay! Yipee! Hallelujah! You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers LOTS, and we are so glad to hear you’re all at home together :) We’ll keep praying that tomorrow’s blood test gives an amazingly positive result.

  3. She does look like she’s been spending some time in a tanning bed compared to all of you! :) Keep her in the sun, and good that she’s drinking lots, she needs it to flush all that out of her system!

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