More Isla-isms

We pretty much spend all day laughing at the things that come out of our 2 year old’s mouth.  Some of the latest:

We were talking about a family that was going to come over for a visit.  Isla has decided she doesn’t really like boys right now, so she told me, “All the Daddies can come over to our house when they are girls!”


We were walking and Isla was holding my hand and my mom’s hand.  She wanted to hold Caleb’s hand as well…  “I will ask God to get three hands!”


Caleb: Isla, don’t go close to those wires!

Isla: Because?

C:  …because you will die!

I:  Like Jesus!


“I like Grandma because you play with me.  And Grandpa Bill.  And cows.”


About a man walking by:  “Does he have a bottom?”


“Does Ruby like zucchini?  Maybe some zucchini from your boobies!”


We took my sister to Jbeil to do some sightseeing.  Isla was actually quite interested in all the ruins.  At one point she told us, “That’s a big hole.  Only Jesus can go in there!”



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