On Motherhood

I was reading an article in The Daily Star, one of Lebanon’s online news sites, about unlicensed day cares in Lebanon.  Apparently there are quite a few of them and they were all given six months to get a permit to operate legally.  The point of the article was that even though the six month grace period has passed, no unlicensed day cares have actually been shut down, but this quote caught my eye.. I thought it gave interesting insight into a view of motherhood/child raising here in Beirut… granted, her interests lie in more children attending day care, but the way she words her perspective is interesting:

The closure of nurseries, she {president of the Association of Nursery Owners in Lebanon} said, results in parents having to keep the child at home, with either a maid or a grandparent. She added that being under the supervision of just one person was not advisable for young children who require social interaction. A lack of child care options can also result in “the performance of the working mother suffering, or she might even have to leave her job to return home to be with her baby.”

(full article here)

*for the record, I’m not against day care in theory – I know some moms really do need to work outside the home, whether that be for financial or personal reasons, it’s not my place to judge what is best for each family.  But, we have been told many times that our 2 year old should be in nursery because it’s not good for her to be just with her mom all day, so this perspective is not limited just to the director of the nursery association!


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