Bucket on a string

I’ve been wanting to post about this for ages, but never had my camera with me at the right moment to catch the bucket in the act.  But on Sunday morning, someone’s blew off their balcony and was just dangling… no order, no money, no goods inside, so I finally got a picture to go along with this post, although I’m still hoping to get a shot with the old lady in her bathrobe three stories up holding the other end of the rope.

Okay, backing up.

On the ground floor of many apartment buildings are little shops.  Fruits, veggies, eggs, oil, beef, matches, diapers… depending on the kind of shop you can find all sorts of stuff.  It’s so convenient to be able to get most of our basics from the neighborhood shops without having to make a trip to the supermarket.  And if you live above one of these shops it’s even more convenient.  You don’t even have to get dressed or go downstairs.  Just toss your bucket on a string off your balcony with a little piece of paper listing what you want, enough money to cover it and wait for the little tug on the string letting you know your order has been filled!

this guy’s bucket is actually just a plastic bag...works just as well

The ground floor of our building is currently empty, but I can’t wait for them to put a little shop in so that I can have my own bucket on a string!


2 thoughts on “Bucket on a string

  1. I used to have a basket that I used in Istanbul for exactly this purpose. There was nothing that wouldn’t get put in, or that they wouldn’t go to get for you. Let me tell you, 6 floors up without a lift, I realy appreciated it, expecially on the days it snowed!!

    • I’m jealous! I want one! I have all these dreams as to what kind of shop should go underneath our building, but so far, still empty! :)

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