New layout…. thoughts?

I really liked the old layout of the blog except for one thing.  The date on individual posts didn’t include the year… which means you could be reading a post from June 2008 and would think it was current.  So, I’m trying out a new theme.  It has the complete date, but I can’t decide if it is too annoying that you have to click on individual posts to read them in their entirety.  So I thought I’d put it out there and let you all decide… since you’re the ones actually reading this thing!  What do you think?  Also… for those of you using Google Reader to follow my blog…  can you see the whole post in your reader or do you have to actually click on the blog to read it?  (I have a few blogs like that on my reader – that I have to go to the actual blog to see the whole post, and I find it very annoying! :))

Appreciate your feedback!!!


12 thoughts on “New layout…. thoughts?

  1. 1. Personally, I like having all posts on the front page to read. Advertisers may disagree, but think less clicks the better.

    2. Having said that, we totally make people have to click to go to our blog (and then enter a password–the nerve!), so I’m a hypocrite. Sorry about that!

    • I agree, Sam. I much prefer reading blogs where I can scroll through all the posts at once. Although I do still read your blog every time you post, even with all the hoops I have to jump through to read it!! :) (It does help that you send me an email every time I post, for the record.)

  2. I’m using Google Reader. I could see this whole post without clicking through, which I definitely prefer. So, the new layout probably doesn’t affect me too much :^)

  3. For what it’s worth, you’ll get a better idea of the kinds of articles people are looking to read in their entirety by having this kind of layout. Using Google (or even WP’s) analytics will tell you if people are just reading the first paragraph, or are clicking to read more on that topic.

    But you might also possibly have more control about where the excerpt cuts off by moving the excerpt bar before posting.

    • Very true, Em….. and there is an excerpt bar?!?! Need to look into that. I wonder if I can put it at the bottom of the post so that the whole thing shows up…??

  4. The old blog was up there on the “cool” factor (whatever that is), but this one is sharp too. I agree that having the years listed is reason enough to change. Also, a minor thing is that if they will let you and if you want to, it might be good to change the color or outline of the text color of “beautiful feet: the blog version” in the header in order to have the text “pop” off the pic (again, it’s a minor idea). – It’s a clean blog, easy to navigate, and you all do a great job of updating us in the midst of what must be a very busy schedule in a never-a-dull-moment part of the world!

    • Thanks, Joel for the kind words!
      I’m playing around with the color of the blog title now… see if I can get one that shows up a little better!

  5. I want to see some little “Ruby feet” in the top picture–even if they are just dangling. She is part of the family now, and does have her own feet!

    • She does indeed have her own feet! I gotta get working on a picture with all of our feet. Should be easier than a picture with all of our faces in it… :)

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