Lazy summer days

Summer is anything but lazy for us.  It’s actually one of the busiest times of the year.

But, we did have one week in between school ending (both for the girls and the class Caleb was teaching) and the craziness of summer beginning.  That’s not to say papers didn’t need to be graded and prep for the summer program done, but we at least didn’t have anywhere we had to be.

So on our first day of “summer,” we made our annual jaunt down to our all-time favorite place in Beirut… Lazy b.  It’s no longer Lebanon’s best kept secret – it’s actually quite popular now, which means the prices have gone up (23$ per person now – ridiculous!!!) and they are making all sorts of “improvements” – new pools, new restaurants, etc.  I had a coupon from LivingSocial and they actually didn’t make us pay for the kids this time, which was a nice surprise.  And it was still super quiet on Monday morning – we had the beach to ourselves until lunchtime!


Lazy b is one of the few sandy beaches in Lebanon.  And it is one of the only beaches that doesn’t play loud music… although the beach next door had theirs blaring, so it wasn’t as quiet as it has been in years past.

They added a new family pool, which is fun, as previously kids weren’t allowed in the pools.  Never really mattered to us, as we like to park it in the bamboo shelters next to the sand and enjoy the sand and sea… and the shade for the baby.

Some friends went with us, so Isla and one of her best buddies spent the whole day digging holes in the sand, splashing and of course eating, as it is Isla’s favorite past time.  (another argh about this beach – you aren’t supposed to bring your own food in, and they expect you to pay $10 for a cheese sandwich!  boo, Lazy b!)

Ruby is a bit too young for the beach, I think, although she did swim in the pool.  It definitely changes the way we “do the beach” but it was still so nice to take a little breath of fresh, salty air before we dive into the craziness of summer-time!

Just for fun, because a friend told me about a fun way to make collages on the iPod… Isla through the years at Lazy b:



2 thoughts on “Lazy summer days

  1. thanks for the heads up Nicolette! looks a treat, can’t wait to jump in the water. Two weeks of being house bound with Chicken Pox (my son first, then me!!). Like the new look too :)

    • Saleemtik! Hope you are both feeling better! Wait, are you still contagious? I want my daughter to get them naturally while she is still young!

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