The Lebanese Beach Scene

We’ve officially started our summer program with the girls and today was the first day of our weekly afternoon trip to the beach.

With 11 girls plus Isla and 3 or 4 adults, we can’t afford to go to a private beach.

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…which means we have to find public access to the sea, which is very rare in and around Beirut.

We used to take the girls to Ramlet elBaida.  The jellyfish and hypodermic needles almost scared us away, but the cockroaches in the water were the final straw.  A few years ago we found a nice little spot just off the Corniche.  You had to hike down a rocky hill to get there, but it was perfect for the girls.  No sand, but the formation of the rocks formed a little pool that the girls could swim in.  It was a little protected from the waves and not very deep – perfect for girls who think they are amazing swimmers but actually have no idea what they are doing.  :)  We were usually the only ones there in the afternoons.

So we headed back to our little spot today… it was insane how crowded it was!  There were dozens of families parked on the rocks, and the small swimming area was so full of people you could hardly move at times.  Not sure why it has become so popular… maybe no one else can afford the ridiculously priced beach clubs either?

Either way, we are on the hunt for a new swimming hole… any tips??



6 thoughts on “The Lebanese Beach Scene

    • Depends on the beach. The one we go to is 23$ per adult and 10$ per child. But you can’t take food in and just getting snacks would be at least double that.

      If we were going to spend the whole day there, maybe it would be worth it. But we only go a few hours in the afternoon, so it’s just way too expensive.

  1. Wow, $23 per adult is expensive. We’ve had some funny experiences in Turkey too, discovering different beaches, like the time we went to a public beach, and it was SO CROWDED, the only place we found to have our picnic was back in the parking lot!!!!

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