Ode to the generator

It’s hot in Beirut.  Like, 90 degrees today.  I know, oh dear friends in Arizona, that it is much hotter where you are.

BUT, before you tell me that you “walked on the moon” (if you didn’t catch that reference, run to your nearest Blockbuster (are they still in business?) and find a Brian Reagan DVD.  You will laugh your head off, promise.) Then…

…turn off your AC – actually, turn off your electricity completely.  Then walk everywhere you need to go, and remember, there aren’t trees to give you shade.  Just concrete.  Oh yeah, and it’s humid too.  Weather.com tells me 75% humidity.  We are just a few minutes away from the sea, after all.  Apparently if you add those two together it feels like 102 degrees today.  It’s hot.

When we left the house this morning at 7:30 am, the electricity was off.  Got home and have had 4 whole minutes of city power this afternoon.  And I know 4 minutes is more than many people outside of the city are getting.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful we are to have a generator in our building.  When city power goes off, our trusty natour turns on the generator.  It’s loud, it’s stinky, it’s burning diesel like crazy, it’s expensive, BUT it allows us to use one appliance.  Which means the hot water heater is turned off (don’t really need it with such hot weather anyways), no laundry is getting done, I’m not drying my hair, and we are all huddling in one room under the one AC unit we can use.  It poses a slight problem during nap time…. who gets the AC?  Isla, who’s core body temperature is 4 degrees higher than the average person?  Or Ruby, who sleeps much better when she’s swaddled?

It doesn’t matter which one of the girls wins the naptime AC lottery (today it’s Isla), Caleb and I are left sweating it out, literally, in another part of the house… counting down the minutes til the girls get up and we can all hang out together in one room again, thanking God that we have a generator to cool down one bedroom at least!!!

Oh, I just realized I meant to write this post as a poem.  I’ll blame it on the part of my brain that is most likely melting as we speak.  :)


5 thoughts on “Ode to the generator

  1. I’m sorry that you are dealing with this! We are suffereing through also. Although ours is a little self-inflicted as I am determined not to pay exorbitant electricity bills. Throw in menopause!!! Aack!!!
    Love you guys,

  2. Mom turns on the ceiling fan and it spins so fast I think the family room is going to “lift off” like a helicopter.

  3. Surprised they don’t have ceiling fans there. They were standard when we lived “over there” in a hot place. Of course, they are only good as long as we had power, but they were good then! A ceiling fan on high and a cold shower with your sheet before bed was a must. Spread that wet sheet over your body under the fan and you could get cold enough to fall asleep. Three hours later you may wake sweating only to repeat the shower process, but it worked. My mom carried a “watering can” to sprinkle us as we slept.

    Then we we lived there as a family, we just learned to all sleep in one room all summer because we could only afford to run one a/c. We got used to it, and our kids were good sleepers from babyhood, so we could still sit and talk and read and they’d sleep away.

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