All we need now is a Target

These signs have been up in the Beirut Souks for a few months now.

When I first saw them, I nearly cried I was so excited.  Then I realized that this is Lebanon, where a box of Special K now costs $14.  So if the Gap is on the expensive side in the States, there is no way I can afford to shop there in Beirut.

A few days later I discovered that American Eagle is now open on Hamra Street and Express is opening soon right next door.  AE’s prices were actually fairly reasonable, but not nearly as good as H&M which is just across the street.  I’m sure Express will be crazy expensive… I don’t know which is worse – not having the stores or having them but knowing you are paying twice as much as you would be in the States.

If we could just get a Target… but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, as we can’t even get access to  It’s blocked in Lebanon for some reason!?!

And while I’m ordering, I’d like a Taco Bell and an Ikea as well, please.


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