Ruby by the month – 4 months

I can’t believe Ruby is already four months.  No semblance of a newborn here, she is an all out baby now.  I have no idea how big she is… poor second child won’t have her 4 month check-up til she’s 5.5 months old.  My bad.

She really is the happiest little baby.  She’s a champion eater and a pretty good sleeper (except for when she’s not :)).  She’s quite social – if someone is talking to me, she will stare them down with her little laser eyes until they acknowledge her, and then they are rewarded with a massive smile.  She rolls from her back to her belly, but can’t go the other way yet.  She’s obsessed with watching people eat (and grabbing for your food – watch out!), chewing on her fingers, and Isla’s Fancy Nancy doll.  She loves her sister and her Daddy… I keep reminding her that I carried her for nine months, birthed her and feed her a million times a day, but she doesn’t listen.  :)

The funniest thing she does right now is shout when she wants to eat.  It’s like this funny yell, “HA!” when I get ready to feed her.  It’s hilarious, even at 3am.  :)

And since this post is a few days late, here’s a pic of Rubes when she actually turned 4 months old.



3 thoughts on “Ruby by the month – 4 months

  1. Gosh, you guys make cute babies!! She is beautiful and look at those BIG blue eyes — just like her Mama and sister!

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