The Sheet Saga

Isla did a great job sleeping in a “big girl bed” (i.e. mattress on the floor) while we were in Germany.  Ruby is rolling like crazy and trying to crawl, so the bassinet just wasn’t working anymore.  She needed the crib.  So we finally made the switch… or at least we’ve been trying to!

In our room, the sheets, mattress and bed frame are all different sizes.  It’s so annoying, but whatever, we make it work.  But we knew it was something we wanted to pay attention to when getting Isla’s new bed.

After weeks of searching, we finally found a little shop that will make Isla’s bed for a reasonable price.  We asked for the measurements, and were a little surprised, but the gal told us it was the standard size.  So next we went to a shop near our house that sells sheets (and more importantly, pink and purple sheets, because that’s what Isla wants) to check if they have that size before we bought a mattress.   “Yes, of course,” the salesgirl told Caleb, “we can make any size you need!”   So it was off to buy a mattress.  Apparently you can get a mattress made in any size, but the man at the mattress store told us that the size we needed was the standard size.  Great!  He even had mattress pad covers in that exact size.

So, now time to actually go buy the sheets.  Back to the store that told us they have them.  Pink and purple, Isla is so excited!  But, nope.  They don’t actually have sheets in the size we need.  They have sheets much bigger that we can just “tuck in.”  So we try another store.  Nope.  And another.  Nope.  And another.  Nope again.  The problem is, most of the sheets we are finding are imported from France, and France has a different standard size mattress than the mattress we bought and were told was standard size here in Lebanon.

So I tried another store and found purple sheets.. made in Lebanon!  Surely if they are made in Lebanon, they will fit the standard Lebanese bed, right?  Nope.  Lebanese sheets are made to fit French beds, apparently.  Makes perfect sense.

So, still no sheets on Isla’s new bed.   These are the times I really miss going to one story (Target! Ikea!) where you can buy a bed, mattress and sheets in one shot, take them all home that day (we waited four days for the mattress to arrive and are still waiting for the bed we bought ten days ago), and….imagine this…. they all fit!


2 thoughts on “The Sheet Saga

  1. I made the sheets to fit the girls’ crib and bed. Let me know if you want me to do that for you (Seriously, I mean it.). It’s super-easy, and so worth having them fit properly (I think!).

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